Writing Samples

The Dirty Secret

  Okay. I am putting this out there. I have this thing that I really don’t like to talk about. It is something that I have that I know other women have, but mine just seems horrible. It is this thing that bugs me to no end. I try to do things to prevent it, but it seems no matter what I do, it just doesn’t go away. What I am talking about…


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The Other Woman

  This is a difficult subject to navigate. We all have been there. We all have those moments in our lives when we deal with that other woman. The one that has just enough control over your lives to make them difficult.

The one who seeps into your relationships without you knowing and causes a disturbance. The one who is always there like a dull pain. You can deal with it, but it is not really comfortable. You know who I am talking about… THE MOTHER IN LAW! (bum…bum…bum…)

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Great Boys Make Great Men


I grew up in a house that was determined to be "gender neutral".  My mother was adamant about insuring that my brother and I were not forced into societal roles, but ones that we actually developed on our own.  Nature vs. Nurture.  It's great in theory...but my mother was devastated one shopping trip to the toy store when my brother and I were given free reign.  I, of course, chose the dolls; my brother, the cars.  She tried to force our hands in suggestion- Jason, you don't have to get the cars...  But in the end, nature prevailed.

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Pot Zero Press Release

Media Release

Pot Zero- Colorado’s 1st Fully Sustainable & Clean Marijuana Cultivation Facility 

Pot Zero has a Zero Carbon Footprint and Zero Chemical Cultivation Model. 

Gypsum, CO, September 15,2017

Cannabis cultivation is the energy efficient form of agriculture out there today. Pot Zero in Gypsum, Colo., has changed the face of how cannabis can be grown. 

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Roots Rx Aspen Gay Ski Week Press Release


Press Release 

Roots Rx Stores Bring Together Cannabis Community Top Players in Support of Aspen Gay Ski Week. 

Roots RX is a recreational marijuana dispensary with six locations across the Colorado Rockies. We are focused on delivering top quality products, at an affordable price, with a product selection tailored to the mountain lifestyle. Our stores are comfortable and relaxed, and our staff is welcoming and informative. 

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I Quit

To Whom It May Concern:

I hereby tenure my resignation for the position of mother. 

I have been doing this job now for almost 9 years and today I just need to quit.

This job is by far the most difficult job I have ever done. The expectation is that I will work 24 hours each day with little or no appreciation. I am always asked to take care of everyone else before I take care of myself and do so with a smile on my face.

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